Friday, April 1, 2011

Donation Report from the 3/24 Event

March 24's event-------------------------------------------------
We have sent out the cash and check donations to the NPOs this week. All the cash donation (total 235,000yen+) were sent to Civic Fource by JustGiving Japan, and all the check donations (total $3000+) were sent to World Vision. People who donated with their checks should receive a thank you letter and receipt from World Vision shortly.

Thank you so much again for your generously and kindness to care and support the victims in Japan. We'd like to invite you to keep donating or spread the words about donating with us at our JustGiving Japan challenge. You can donate as our supporter from this link (They seem to accept only the credit cards issued from banks in Japan).

3/24 のイベントで集められた寄付金のうち、現金235,000円は を通し Civic Fource へ送付されましたのでここにご報告させていただきます。皆様のご協力に感謝いたします。このリンクから日本発行のクレジットカードご使用で、Seattleites Help Japan!のサポーターとして寄付金を直接送付できます。私達と一緒に募金・サポートをしていただける方大募集です。よろしくお願いいたします。

小切手による寄付金およそ3000ドルもWorld Vision に郵送しました。World Visionの方より感謝のお便りととレシートがドーナーの方に郵送されるということです。


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